Language Lab
A )To enable the cadets to communicate effectively and fluently in International language!
B) Since English has gained the status of an International language and lot of information and knowledge is available in this language. We lay special emphasis on learning English language thereby enabling the cadet to have access to a number of disciplines.
 C) All the competitive exams, interviews etsc. are taken in English language, therefore we try our best to enable the cadets to get through these exams and interviews with flying colours.
 D) English language is a living entity as well as the need of the hour. To keep abreast of time, cadets should have the ability of effective communication as an essential tool.
BENEFITS English language learning aims at polishing four skills namely:
 LISTENING To polish the first skill that is listening, we provide ample listening material to the cadets in the form of audio cassettes and CD’s. This will enable them to have command on listening comprehension. SPEAKING Speaking is the foremost requirement of a language learner and hence it deserves special emphasis. Special debates and speaking impromptu on some topic helps cadets to develop and polish spoken skill. It will not only improve their communicative skill but also boost confidence of the cadets. READING Cadets are provided with special books with standard reading material. The selected course (BBC Follow me) has been found instrumental in improving reading skill. WRITING Writing is an essential requirement of a student at all levels. Our examination system places a special stress on this skill. Writing precisely is indeed a difficult art. Particular essay writing competitions are held at College and All Pakistan level which make students an exact writer.
THE PURPOSE OF LANGUAGE Four major functions of the human language are:
1. A means of conveying information.
2. An instrument of action.
3. To maintain social relationships.
4. As an instrument of cognitive and conceptual development