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Cadet Life in the College

Cadet College Palandri is the only institute of its kind that not only provides quality education to the Cadets but it also aims at keeping them busy in health promoting and conducive activities.
Fajar Prayer All the cadets commence the day with Fajar prayer, for congregational prayer the are awakened half an hour before the prayer. After  Fajar prayer and recitation of the Holy Quran they Go back to their respective rooms.
PT & Drill The next is the turn of PT and drill. After wearing their uniform ,the cadets go to the College ground under the supervision of NCOs. The morning drill last for 30 minutes only.

Break Fast At scheduled time the cadets take their breakfast, for this they go to Cadet Mess where quality food is served. The menu is prepared by the cadets and college administration
Morning Assembly It is imperative for the Cadets as well as members of faculty to attend the morning assembly. The Assembly is commenced in the Name of Allah, then a glowing tribute is paid to the prophet (SAW) in the form of Naat. Then few speeches are delivered  by the cadets and at the end National anthem is sung to end the morning assembly.
Dress Inspection After the morning assembly the cadets are subjected to Uniform Inspection by the Adjutant.
Classes Now the cadets leave for their respective class rooms. The duration of one period is  40 minutes and then there is 5 minutes break before the commencement of the next period.
Tea Break After 4th  period a light refreshment is arranged for the cadets in the Cadet Mess that last 20 minutes. After taking tea, they go to class rooms to attend the remaining classes.
Zohar Prayer After changing college uniform  the cadets prepare for the Zohar prayer and go to the College mosque together.
Lunch After saying  their prayers they go to Cadet mess for lunch .
Rest/Self Study After lunch the cadets can take rest  for 2 hours .However, they can also study  during this time if they wish.